JULY  13,, 2014
El Scorcho Och8.
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What is El Scorcho? 
Now in its eighth year, El Scorcho continues its ridiculously foolish tradition of staging an endurance run at midnight in North Texas in the middle of the summer. El Scorcho brings you the best no-frills 50 km frolic in all of Fort Worth.  There's also a 25 km option for those of you who aren't quite ready to step up to the plate.  But you should.  Because, really, what's the difference between 50 km and 25 km except twice the distance?  In the end, it's up to you.  Both runs take a certain fortitude. Or stupidity.  Your call. 

When is El Scorcho?
The stupidest, hottest, most idiotic time of year: July.  Why July?  Because we say so.  Because heat and humidity are your friend.  Just because.  The run starts at midnight and ends at 6 a.m.  If you want your race time to be official, you've got to finish by then.  Runners who haven't finished by 6 a.m. may keep running, but we can't guarantee anything.   .

Where is El Scorcho?
Trinity Park, Fort Worth, Texas5 km over a mix of crushed limestone, asphalt, the occasional concrete sidewalk, a couple of foot-bridges, and a basketball court.  Over and over and over again until you hit your distance.  About half the course is lit at night by streetlamps, but they never all seem to work, despite our best efforts.  It can get awfully dark at some parts.  And this year, there ain't no moonlight to guide you.  But hey--what do you expect?  Suck it up.  It's a midnight run.  Bring a headlamp, a flashlight, or night goggles if you're worried. 

Why run El Scorcho? 
Why not? I mean, seriously, what else are you gonna do at midnight in July?  And if you think running El Scorcho is tough, you should try organizing it.

What kind of bling do El Scorcho runners get?
Everybody gets a shirt.  Might be a tech shirt, might be a tank, might be mesh, might be made of sequins.  Whatever it is, you'll like it and you'll wear because it's a badge of courage.  All finishers--25 km or 50 km--get a nifty medal.  And 50 km finishers get something else.  Not sure what it'll be this year.  But you'll like it.  Probably.  If not, direct all complaints elsewhere.  We got enough problems.

What's the point of El Scorcho?
Besides the complete lack of utility? Charity. To date, we have donated more than $30,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through their Team In Training program.  We thank you for aiding us in our philanthropic efforts.

How does registration work?
We use tiered pricing.  There are four tiers.  Folks who sign up in the first tier pay the lowest price.  As more people sign up and we get to the next tier, the price goes up. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You may not give or sell your number to another individual - if you do this it could result in your disqualification as well as the runner who uses your race number.
The entry fee for this year's event will NOT transfer to next year's event, no exceptions. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions.  Click here to go to our registration page.

Can I run El Scorcho as part of a relay team?
Nope.  Our permit limits the number of runners we can have in the park after hours, so we're limiting this one to runners doing the whole shebang.  Bummed?  Then buck up and go for the full race.  You'll thank us.  Probably.

Are there age limits/restrictions for participating in El Scorcho?
Yes. You must be at least 18 years old to run El Scorcho.  City curfews and insurance prohibits minors from participating in our midnight run. Even with parental approval and supervision, we cannot allow runners under the age of 18.  Sorry, amigos.

What if I want to sponsor El Scorcho?
Smart move. El Scorcho has been featured on NBC 5 newcasts, and in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, Ultrarunning Magazine, Runner-Triathlete News, as well as various websites and online message boards.  You'll get great exposure.  Customers and clients will flock to your establishment.  It's a win-win for everyone involved.  Send us an e-mail at elscorchorun@gmail.com for more info about sponsorship opportunities.

Is there a training group/program for El Scorcho?
Usually, El Scorcho Ocho training group information will be published at a later date. In the meantime you better start getting some miles in. You'll be glad that you did.

What if I find out I can't run El Scorcho?
Sorry, but we cannot provide refunds.  If you decide to drop from El Scorcho, consider your entry fee a donation to charity.

What if I want to volunteer at El Scorcho?
Nice. We like volunteers.  And we need them.  We're actively seeking folks who want to spend the wee hours of the morning cheering the runners and manning the aid stations.  Send us an e-mail if you're able and willing.  We appreciate it, and the runners will as well. 

 Vaya con Dios, amigos.